How To Keep Those Health Resolutions You Make Every Year

We all want to be healthier and every year we make a resolution to do just that, but making a resolution is much easier than keeping it.

Have you recently made a resolution to be healthier?

Would you like some tips to help you keep your resolution?

Well if you do then you have come to the right place to do just that! The more you know, the easier it will be to keep your resolution to be healthy.


The key to keeping your resolution is to make a resolution that you can keep. Start with a small resolution and work your way up to bigger ones.

Instead of deciding to workout every day, resolve to workout once a week. After you accomplish that then you can add another day to your workout routine.

Each time you keep a resolution you will gain momentum to help you accomplish your next goal. Before you realize it you will be working out all the time.


Set up a rewards system to help motivate yourself to keep your resolution. If you have something to look forward to it is much easier to stay focused on what you want.

When you do reward yourself, remember to make it a great reward! Your reward should be something that you want and will motivate you to accomplish your resolution to be healthy. Bribery is trickery, but it works.


A goal is always easier to accomplish with help from your friends. When we stumble and fall, our friends will be there to help us back up. Find other likeminded people that also want to be healthy and start a group so that you can all support each other.

Join a group workout class. Classes are a great way to stay motivated and healthy. With the right support you will find that keeping your resolution is easy!

Reaffirm Your Resolution

Stay focused on your goals. Set aside time each day to contemplate and to reaffirm your resolution.

Ask yourself… What can I do today to reach and keep my health and fitness goals?

The more you think about your goals, the more likely you are to keep those goals. You can even create a vision board dedicated to your resolution to be healthy.

Take a poster board and fill it with images that remind will remind you of being healthy. Hang it where you will see it every day and be reminded to stay focused on your goals.

Lifestyle Choices

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice. We make choices every day that impact our life and our health. Keeping your resolution to be healthy will be influenced by those choices.

Examine your choices carefully and ask yourself if this will hinder you or help you in keeping your goals.

When you become more aware of your choices you will find it easier to stay focused on keeping your resolution to be healthy.


Keep yourself accountable for your actions.

Ask yourself… How much do I really want to be healthy?

Deep inside, you know if what you are doing is healthy or not.

Stay focused on what you want and don’t let anything stop you from getting it. When you truly decide that you will keep your resolution to be healthy, then you will.

Another way to become accountable is by telling someone or multiple important people in your life about the resolution you have made. Ask them for help in checking in with you as to its progress. This can help you because you will be anticipating having to discuss your progress with another person.

By making your resolution fun and exciting you will find it easier to keep it or them and always remember the greatest motivator of all, and that is the fact that being healthy is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

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Top 5 Nutritional New Year Resolutions

So another new year is upon us and the perfect time to make some resolutions that matter, specifically some that are for the betterment of our minds, bodies and souls. The new year brings with it the opportunity for many things, specifically a fresh start. Let’s explore some things that we can resolve to do to start anew, for self-empowerment and to guarantee our nutritional wellness.

That said, you may now make a pledge to:

1. Make healthy food choices – In this fast-paced, inflation-driven world in which we now live, its easy to make unhealthy food choices. Unhealthy food is convenient and cheap. However, unhealthy foods don’t best serve your interest. Your body is dependent on your taking the time to adequately care for it, which means that you have to make it a point to do whatever it takes to ensure its good health. You only have one body so you have to take care of it.

2. Drink more water – We are the nation of plenty and that includes water. Water is imperative to our sustenance. However, for the most part most of us do not consume nearly enough water. Water detoxifies, transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells, helps organs absorb nutrients, hydrates the skin, and so much more. Luckily enough we have an adequate supply of water in the U.S., unlike several other nations who aren’t as lucky. Let’s take advantage of the blessing that has been bestowed upon us and drink more water. Here’s a toast, to water.

3. Become more health conscious – If you aren’t already up on the latest in nutritional health take some time to get caught up. Start to educate yourself on what’s going on in the world of nutrition. Sign up for some nutritional newsletters, visit some nutritional wellness websites or talk to some nutritional experts on matters that are relevant to you. However you go about it, just be sure to take out some time to become more health conscious and not be so dependent on others to keep you informed. Others may be motivated by their own self-interest, which may conflict with yours.

4. Use food as medicine in place of pharmaceuticals (when feasible) – We have become obsessed with the idea that pharmaceuticals are the only solution to illness. However, illness is merely our body’s way of letting us know that its out of balance. What brings us into balance is nature and foods that come from nature. So eating more of these foods bring our bodies back into balance. Moreover, unlike man, nature has never failed us.

5. Eat more live foods – The cooking process tends to destroy most, if not all, of the nutrients in food that our bodies require for sustenance. That’s why eating more live foods is essential. Not only will your body get what it needs, but buying live foods at your local farmers market will also allow you to support your local farmers.

Penis Health Resolutions for the New Year

As the new year dawns, people take stock of their lives and make resolutions that will hopefully have a positive impact on their lives. Maybe it’s time to consider some resolutions that can have an impact on penis health or sexual health? Even men who already practice decent penis health routines may benefit from thinking about what more they can do in this important area of their lives.

Here are some sexual health resolutions some men may want to consider. These are just a starting point, so feel free to add to them!

- Always use a condom. Unless a man is in a monogamous relationship, he definitely needs to use a condom – and even in a monogamous relationship, condoms should be employed if either partner has an existing transmissible disease or infection. Preventing STIs is arguably the most important thing a man can do for his sexual health.

- Don’t be afraid of the doctor. Men in general are less likely to visit a doctor than are women, and this seems to be especially the case when it comes to sexual health issues. A guy may notice a sore or blister on his penis and choose to not see a doctor because he’s afraid of what it may mean. Yet even when such signs lead to a diagnosis of an STI, it’s much better to know this information so appropriate treatment can be started to address the problem.

But regular visits to the doctor are important for sexual health even when the focus is not on the penis. Check-ups help the doctor keep a man’s heart healthy, his blood pressure in line, etc. – factors which impact his sexual health, even if the penis doesn’t seem to be directly involved. So don’t be afraid to check in with a physician regularly.

- Watch stress. Stress is one of the factors that can have a really big impact on sexual health (and health in general). Tension and anxiety have become increasing problems for men, and when a guy feels stressed, he may not have the sexual ability and/or drive that he would otherwise. Finding ways to relax, whether it’s through meditation, yoga, exercise or other means, is a great gift to give oneself.

- Use it. Since sex is on men’s minds a lot, it may seem odd to recommend that a man engage in sex more often. But sometimes men – either by choice or necessity – may experience lengthy stretches with no sex. But studies show the penis needs exercise just like other body parts in order to remain healthy. Some men feel guilty about masturbating, but solo activity can help to keep the penis in better health – and it’s one of the more enjoyable forms of exercise around!

- Watch the vices. Guys who are smokers or heavy drinkers should seriously work on cutting out the former and cutting down on the latter. Both of these activities have been shown to negatively affect penis health and performance.

- Crème it. A man’s sexual health is linked to his penis health, so one of the most important resolutions is to apply a superior penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to the penis. A good penis health crème can help the penis look appealing, especially where the skin is concerned. When the crème contains a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E), the skin will be well moisturized and supple, rather than dry and patchy. If the crème also contains vitamin C, it will give a boost to collagen production, which is essential for penis health and firmness, making a man’s penis present in an even more impressive fashion.

A Fitness Resolution That You Can Stick to and it Will Change Your Life

For many, health clubs end up being collection agencies disguised as gyms. The health clubs depend on people not sticking with their resolutions. Health clubs entice new members to join by building up high expectations. That can be a recipe for disappointment. If something is too good to be true then it will be too good to be true. Exercise done right can change your life, but one must have the proper expectations of what exercise can accomplish. The numbers are not very encouraging:

o 30 percent of health club members do not renew their memberships.
o Of that 30 percent a small minority of them use the facility consistently over the course of a year
o Eleven percent of Americans are members of health clubs. There are more former members of health clubs that there are presently members.
o What good is an exercise program where you go three times a week and you go for two weeks or two months and never go again? This is the scenario that is replayed yearly by millions. Many are repeat offenders. The only thing that ends up lighter is their wallet. People waste thousands on programs they don’t stick to.
o You join and then they entice you with large packages of personal training sessions. The average stay with a personal trainer is less than six months. What happens if that personal trainer ends up not being a good fit? Some clubs have a no refund cancellation policy.


o Make gradual changes in eating and follow a simple plan for eating that you can keep (forever).
o Avoid overdoing it to avoid repetitive use injuries down the road. Ninety million dollars a year is spent in doctors’ office and emergency rooms for exercise and recreation related injuries.
o Consider high intensity interval training (HIIT) for strength as the one form of exercise to do that you might not like to do. This exercise will reverse more bio-markers of aging to a much greater degree than all other forms of exercise. No one is put in a nursing home for being out of breath.
o HIIT will produce the most change in your body is less time AND if done correctly it gives you a measure of protection again injury. No amount of running will give you protection against knee injury but strength training can. Besides increasing strength, muscle and tone, HIIT will increase flexibility, resting metabolism, cardiovascular conditioning, and resistance to sickness and injury. An improper one or one where you try to do too much leads to injury, drudgery and a weaker immune system.
o With this strength training protocol don’t see how much exercise you can withstand, see what is the least amount that will produce the most change. Get adequate recovery and improve each week. A program that takes minimal time and one where you improve each week will be one you can stick to. Only do the strength training portion of your fitness regime once or twice a week. As long as you are improving each week you will get to where you need to be. The improvement serves as motivation for you to stick to it. Such a workout that produces consistent change will be difficult but doable, as the time commitment is small.
o Don’t pay a personal trainer to stand by while you are doing exercise you can do on your own.
o A personal trainer can help you avoid the trial and error to find what works and avoid injuries.
o A personal trainer should be able to get you through a workout you could not possible do on your own or they are really unnecessary. Your body makes positive adaptations as a form of self protection from overwhelming demands on the system. A good trainer can help you do that safely, efficiently and consistently.
o In addition to the strength training engage in activities that you like to do. You are more likely to stick to it. With a stronger body you will engage in more vigorous activities longer and this too will redound positively to your health. You can have a higher quality of life and it does not involve hours in the gym each week.

Six months into the new year you will look and feel better. You will be stronger, more flexible, have more energy, and be less prone to injury. Better eating choices, an active lifestyle, and a little strength training is a program most people can stick to, and it can have profound effects on one’s fitness and health.